We provide a range of water boring services for our clients across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. If you’re interested in securing a high-quality team who can oversee all aspects of your bore installation, hire us.

Borehole drilling services

Water drilling done by the professionals

​If you have a work site, residential property, or new construction that requires borehole drilling, you’ll need an experienced team. When drilling a water well, there’s a range of services and equipment that you’ll want. By choosing to hire an experienced borehole drilling team, you’re guaranteed professional end-to-end services and outstanding results. Well-constructed boreholes will ensure long-lasting stability, which is why our teams will always go above and beyond to give our clients just that.

We provide a range of water drilling services to our clients to ensure that they have access to everything they need to complete their project all in one place. Whether you’re looking to drill a water well, examine underground minerals, or remove water from a construction site, we can do it all. Our range of bore drilling services include:

Our borehole drilling services

Domestic bores

We can complete domestic borehole drilling installations, providing a quality water supply which can be used across urban areas and small acreages as drinking water, garden water, and stock.

Irrigation bores

If you’re looking for irrigation bores specifically suited to farmland, drilling a water well can create a suitable and lasting water source for your agricultural space.

Ground water monitoring bores

If you’re interested in keeping an eye on the irrigation and groundwater quality, we can install groundwater monitoring bores which can provide detailed measurements.

Mineral exploration

For expert mineral exploration drilling, you can’t do better than our borehole drilling contractors. We can accurately access mineral composition for any space.


If you’ve got water in the way of your construction site, we’re able to complete water drilling to remove excess water and ensure you can continue with excavations.

Water well decommissioning

While we’re great at drilling water wells, we can also remove them. We’ll seal any existing bores that you need removed and ensure that they are correctly and safely sealed.

Drilling water wells but don't know where to start? Let our team of professional borehole drilling contractors take care of it for you.

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If you’re interested in seeing our previous borehole drilling work, view our projects page where we showcase some of our most outstanding results. We’ve provided happy clients across the Gold Coast and beyond with some great results, and we welcome you to use these successful examples as a guide for how we can work on your project.

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