Groundwater borehole

Do you need a groundwater borehole drilled in the Gold Cast or Brisbane so you can monitor and measure groundwater parameters? You can count on our team to provide you with what you need!

Make accurate groundwater measurements with a borehole installation

Our teams have the necessary equipment and experience to dig deep when you require it most. Creating groundwater boreholes is part of our wide range of borehole drilling services. We’ll efficiently and accurately create boreholes which help make groundwater monitoring and remediation a breeze. So, if you require a team dedicated to working on groundwater boreholes, we’re the ones to do it.

Why choose us for groundwater borehole drilling?

To make sure your installations are efficient and accurate, it’s important to have a team of specialists in installing groundwater boreholes on your side. We can complete a range of bore drilling services in desired areas, with superior efficiency. Our customers choose us for groundwater measurement services because we always promise:

Efficient service

If you’re looking for quick groundwater monitoring and remediation services, our skilled team can do it. We minimise impact to the surrounding area while we complete our groundwater borehole installations.

Accurate measurements

We know how helpful it can be to get an efficient and accurate groundwater measurement. Our teams will ensure that you get accurate readings that reflect the information you need for your project.

Clear communication

We value the input of our clients and do our best to understand their desires and needs. We always take our client’s expectations into consideration when we complete groundwater borehole installations.

Need a specialised team to complete groundwater borehole drilling for accurate groundwater measurements? Hire us!

Our other bore drilling services

Alongside our groundwater borehole services, we also offer a range of other drilling and boring services. Our full range of services include:

Domestic bores

Irrigation bores

Mineral exploration


Water well decommissioning

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To get the most qualified team working on your groundwater borehole drilling, hire us today. We understand the value of accurate and easy to obtain groundwater measurements for our clients, which fuels our dedicated team to complete their services efficiently. Reach out to our Gold Coast-based team today and see how we can help you! Either give us a call or fill in our inquiry form, and we’ll be in contact soon.

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