Irrigation bore services

Our professional team is fully equipped to carry out efficient and accurate irrigation well drilling across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. With our team on your side, you’ll have your very own irrigation water supply in no time!

Irrigation well drilling

​If you want your own untapped supply of irrigation water, our capable teams can install irrigation systems in farm, garden, and land spaces to provide you with cost-effective water to your desired spaces. When you require irrigation bores installed, choosing an experienced and first-class provider means choosing easy and fast service with results that stand the test of time. We’ll leave minimal impact to your property, ensuring that your irrigation installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Our irrigation well drilling services

Our team specialises in locating underground water sources and correctly completing irrigation well drilling. Our irrigation bore installation packages are designed to ensure that our clients have all the water they need, from a consistent source suitable for watering crops and farmland. Our full range of irrigation installation services include:

Bore repair

We are able to rehabilitate a bore by utilising chemical treatment and air-flushing techniques. These will descale and disinfect the well and improve functionality.

Bore replacement

If your bore is failing to produce sufficient water quantities, our team can be called upon to carry out bore replacement services. We’ll create a brand new bore construction utilising modern techniques, PVC casing, and gravel packs.

Bore drilling

If you’re looking to have initial irrigation well drilling completed on your site, our team can install irrigation systems where required and find untapped water on your property.

Need an irrigation bore drilled, maintained, or repaired? Hire our team to work on your space today!

Our other bore drilling services

Alongside our irrigation bore services, we also offer a range of other drilling and boring services. Our full range of services include:

Domestic bores

Ground water monitoring bores

Mineral exploration


Water well decommissioning

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For complete irrigation well drilling services provided by a first-class team, you can’t go wrong by hiring Gold Coast Water Bores. We’ll create irrigation bores that provide consistent water to crops, gardens, and parcels of land. Reach out our Gold Coast-based team today and see how we can help you! Either give us a call or fill in our inquiry form, and we’ll be in contact soon.

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