On-site deep well dewatering

Removing water beneath a site or coastal development can be difficult without the right team. Bypass issues by hiring our dewatering construction drilling services. You can count on us in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Drilling and dewatering a construction site made easy

Our teams are able to assist in dewatering services. When contractors require an experienced team to perform the drilling services involved in dewatering, they reach out to us. We are specialists when it comes to deep wells and spear points installations. We can guarantee dry building sites, because we always utilise PVC and steel casing screens to maximise flow rates and minimise contaminants passing through. If you need to dewater construction areas quickly, we can take care of all the drilling requirements you have.

Our dewatering services

If you’re thinking about hiring Gold Coast Water Bores to complete dewatering drilling, you can be assured the highest quality service. We’re trusted across the Gold Coast and Brisbane for our outstanding drilling dewatering services, including:


We can complete and test high-efficiency wells, ensuring we maximise flow rate and minimise contamination particles like sand from entering the bores.


We are able to assist in the design and construction of wells, catering installation methods to the requirements of each of our clients.


We are able to construct deep wells according to client needs. We drill test holes to sample ground foundations and gather information to obtain data and design dewatering plant as required.

Need deep well dewatering for your construction site? Hire the professionals to get drilling done the right way, and the fast way.

Our other bore drilling services

Alongside our construction site dewatering services, we also offer a range of other drilling and boring services. Our full range of services include:

Domestic bores

Irrigation bores

Ground water monitoring bores

Mineral exploration

Water well decommissioning

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If you need professional drilling to dewater a construction site easily and quickly, hire our teams today! We prioritise keeping your project moving with dewatering services. Reach out to our Gold Coast-based team today and see how we can help you! Either give us a call or fill in our inquiry form, and we’ll be in contact soon.

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